Ways To Decorate Balcony In Apartments With Stone Benchtops Gold Coast

The modern apartments are the perfect combination of modern designs and technology along with comfort. With its wide range of options from one, two and three bedroom apartments, this is the dream place to live

. How fascinating is to wake up to a beautiful view of the sunrise, the warmth of sunlight and cold floor. You can design your perfect balcony with flowers and plants if you like gardening. If you think plants are high maintenance you can also make it a sitting area where you can enjoy your morning coffee and your evening tea. Increase your sitting options with stone benchtops Gold Coast.


It is very important to determine what exactly your passion is. You can only take care of a garden if you are really interested in plants, it is a responsibility and one should only accept it if he can take care of it. Selection of the plants is very important, you can select flowering plants but it is better to select plants that can be used in the kitchen. Add bench here to sit. You can buy it from stone benchtops Gold Coast. This will help you to adapt a healthy lifestyle and still get fresh things on daily basis. Plants like green chilies, mint, carrots, potatoes, garlic, and ginger are used on daily basis. They can easily be grown and still will help you to fulfill your craving for fresh and organic food.

Sitting area

The balcony can be used for a perfect place to hang out not only when your friends come over but also when you need to relax or read a book. Paint the wall with a neutral and cool color like blue, light green, white or pastel blue. Fix a bench here with a stone bench top from benchtops Gold Coast. Hang some plants and a wind chime from the ceiling. Now add a small table and some chairs. You can also make chair or table with pallets or cement. This will be long lasting and will not accept the effect of heat and strong light too easily.

Sleeping place

It is very calming and romantic to gaze at the stars and enjoy perfect star gazing experience. Add a cozy blanket and a mattress. Place some cushions and decorate the place with fairy lights. You can also light some candles but lights are prefaced as they are safe and easy to switch on and off. This can be a perfect place for a movie night or a romantic date. Add some snacks of your choice and enjoy the perfect movie night with your friends apartments.