How To Unblock A Blocked Toilet?

blocked toilet

There are many tasks which are required to be done every few months or so even if no one wants to do it. Cleaning a toilet unblocking is one of the most unglamorous and dirtiest tasks which are one of those necessary ones. It may not be something that needs to be done yourself but its process is not so costly to spend money on it. The equipment needed is also the usual one already present at home. A plunger, rubber gloves to save yourself, old newspaper to cover the area around the toilet, bleach or any other chemical that can be used to unblock drain are the only stuff you may need for this task.

Flushing is the basic thing to start from. Try once and if it doesn’t work, flushing again won’t help at all. It is definitely blocked so flushing can’t help. There may be something you may know inside so just pull it out, like a toy or something else. If it still doesn’t work, the drain is blocked from the back so get ready for further steps. Lift the drain cover to see if it’s full of water. If yes, the blockage is along the soil pipe and if the chamber is empty, the blockage is between the chamber and soil pipe. These pipes can be cleaned by special pipe cleaners or makeshift ones by hanger wires but if it’s not getting cleaned up, contact some professional cleaners. Then use the plunger to make a vacuum situation. In this way, the thing blocking it can be cleaned easily. Once the plunger does it work, use an auger to move the blocking items so they can easily get down from the flush. Pour a little amount of warm water as it helps in this process. Once done, flush the toilet and the water will flow swiftly through the toilet.

If the toilet is not blocked but just stopping the water little bit, use the toilet unblocking chemical or bleach so that the pipes open again. This helps in small blocked toilet matters. The chemical dissolves anything that is blocking the drain which opens the drain. For more safety, use warm water in this case too. If the smell is still there, try using strong bleach or air freshener to remove the smell. Other case is that sometimes the plunger trick doesn’t work so for it there are few alternatives in the market. Make sure you open the exhaust or window nearby from the start so the environment won’t get affected by it.